Legendary Situational Designers from
from Oakland, CA.

Creators of the original Oaklandish street art campaign,
      the Jejune Institute, and the Latitude Society.

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"Nonchalance is fulfilling the desires of the multimedia age ...representative of the vanguard,
those practitioners who are forging a new future in entertainment."

- Aesthetica Magazine

"Nonchalance is shaking the platform of curatorial work and interactive art,
expanding and transforming its possibilities."

- BOMB Magazine

"Nonchalance blew my mind so hard that the top of my skull still flaps in the wind."
- San Francisco Bay Guardian

Our mission is to provoke discovery through visceral experience and pervasive play. We do this through a unique blend of divine nonchalance, mystique cultivation, and cultural curation. This place of departure (or "warp zone") exists at the intersection of Narrative, Play, and Genuine Space. To those dark horses with the spirit to look up and see, a recondite family awaits. We give in order to become part of a story greater than ourselves. We have proudly produced over 100 special events in public space without a single incident of injury, arrest, or property damage. Do not fall too deeply; group identity is a helluva drug. Our work is the subject of a feature documentary film called "The Institute", and the upcoming "In Bright Axiom". If you are curious about things to come, sign up here: S Y G N Y L.

N   ●   N   C   H   Δ   L   Δ   N   C   Ξ



contact: engage at nonchalance dot com