Evita Lucien

Evita Lucien
alias: Evalyn / Eva
May 29, 1971 -
Oakland, CA
Nonchalance Ratio = 100%

Eva Lucien was the daughter of Katherine Lucien, a mystic & cult member, and famed financial wizard Blair Lucien. She achieved local notoriety as a teenager during the 80's for a series of elaborate stunts, which eventually ended in her arrest and expulsion from high school. Her fist pranks were designed to disrupt the daily operations of the institution, and over time they developed into highly conceptual undertakings that received international media coverage. She was also a member of the "Savants", a group of young San Francisco artists who were early adopters of punk & hip-hop motifs, which they fused together in their street murals, music, and short films. Associates in the Savants crew overlapped considerably with the founding members of the Cacophony Society and Suicide Club. 6 months after her arrest and expulsion from high school, Eva went missing. The mystery surrounding her sudden infamy and disappearance resulted in an ardent cult following of disciples and imitators.