a new feature film from Spencer McCall

      World Premiere: June 7 2019 at San Francisco Doc-Fest

Imagine you're handed an invitation with an address and an access code, but little to no other information. Do you go inside? If you're brave enough to enter, what you'll find on the other side of the door, through dark mazes and down twisting slides, is The Latitude Society, a secret group of curious and creative minds brought together to create transformative experiences. In Bright Axiom takes us on a docu-fantasy adventure to explore the unique and unusual House of the Latitude, where participants are forced to expand their notion of reality and their ability to trust the unknown in order to fully participate in this social experiment.

Director Spencer McCall (The Institute) defies the code of absolute discretion to invite viewers inside the minds behind Nonchalance, the group of storytellers, designers, and artists that developed the Latitude Society and dared a community to embrace the unknown.

Features unseen archival footage of iconic street art pioneer RAMMELLZEE,
and an original score by Justin Robbins with music from Isan, Tickles and u-Ziq.

Pen & Banjo Pictures in association with Nonchalance
USA. 90 mins. 2019

upcoming screenings:

Thursday // June 6 // 8:30 PM // Private Screening // Berkeley City Club
Friday // June 7 // 7:00 PM // SF DocFest at the Roxie // tickets
Tuesday // June 11 // 9:01 PM // SF DocFest at the Roxie // tickets
June 19 - 23 // Covellite International Film Festival // Butte, MT

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contact: engage at nonchalance dot com