By all means, go ahead and watch / rent / purchase / review In Bright Axiom on iTunes, Amazon, GooglePlay or other streaming platform. And now...

To The Curious Ones,
This is not a contest, it is an invitation to participate. It is not meant for everyone. If you are in or near the following cities, then follow these instructions:

(San Francisco, Oakland, Portland, Milwaukee, Chicago, Chattanooga, Birmingham, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Winston-Salem, Toronto, or Cork, Ireland).

FIRST: Post your enthusiasm or impression about the new film "In Bright Axiom" to one or several social media sites w/ #inbrightaxiom + link to In Bright Axiom on: iTunes or Rotten Tomatoes

THEN: Send a message to lighthouse@thelatitude.com exhibiting your post(s), with the answer to the following questions...
1. Which of the above cities are you in or near?
2. In your own words describe one or more of the following terms; Divine Nonchalance, Absolute Discretion, Entity Flow.

NEXT: Await a response with words of orientation.

There are no guarantees that your inquiry will be accepted or fulfilled, but our members will do everything within the bounds of absolute discretion to see that each inquiry is directly addressed.


N   ●   N   C   H   Δ   L   Δ   N   C   Ξ


contact: engage at nonchalance dot com